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How does it Work - Life Solutions Coaching

How it works

The BIG Picture
Coaching sessions take place over the phone from the location of your choice, be it your home, office or any other spot that works for you. It’s called tele-coaching and it’s comfortable, convenient and confidential. You can even wear your bathrobe! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is and how much you can accomplish. We’ll meet at regular times, usually weekly, for the first three weeks of the month. Most clients work with me for six to twelve months, and some for upwards of two years as they achieve big stuff in their lives!

What do we talk about?
In general, the focus is on
1. Who you are
2. What you really want
3. How to get what you want

At its core, coaching is about discovery, insight and action. The focus is completely on you and your most important priorities and goals in life, career and business.

Then, add in to the mix the right tools, strategy, perspective, action plan, attitude, customized solutions, and inspiration. and that is what makes the difference between talking about what’s possible and living it.

The secret to a great life…
Discover what you love, own what makes you great, know what you stand for and what really matters to you and design your life around these essentials.
Is it time for you to amaze yourself?


Coaching Principles
These are the premises on which the coaching structure is based…

1. Synergy causes better results, much more easily.
Proper coach/client matching is essential for synergy to occur.

2. When people are fully heard, they move forward immediately.
Not being heard slows down personal development and human evolution.

3. Any situation can be optimized, turned around or improved.
And if it cannot, get out of it responsibly.

4. Fewer problems occur when one has a strong personal foundation.
Rising above the muck of life is step 1 in coaching.

5. Sometimes the client has the answer, sometimes the coach does.
It doesn’t really matter where it comes from.

6. One can have a perfect life.
It’s not a fantasy or a pipedream. It really is do-able, and in this lifetime.

7. Humans operate at 1%, or less, of our potential.
Coaching increases this figure.

8. Success is a basic human right.
Success has nothing to do with deservingness, privilege, or background.

9. When the client properly defines success, coaching becomes easy.
And clients know better how to use their coach.

10. Most people don’t really know what they truly want.
A coach can help clients discover what that is. It’s usually simple.

11. What one puts up with costs one dearly.
Tolerations waste one’s spirit, one’s heart, one’s mind, and one’s pocketbook.

12. We are all Picassos-in-training.
The world is waiting for people to discover, express and share their creativity.

Source: Thomas J. Leonard, Coachville


Life Solutions Individual Coaching Programs

When you hire me as your coach, I’m on retainer to you for the duration of our agreement. I offer a range of packages to fit your needs, goals, schedule and budget. Program options include:


How do you know if you’re ready?

Ask yourself …

  1. Do you have a strong desire to achieve something?
  2. Are you ready to make changes and take action?
  3. Are you willing to experiment with different ways of going about it?
  4. Are you open to including a partner to accelerate your success?

If you answered Yes! to these questions, then that’s all you need to know. You don’t even need to know what you want, or how to achieve it…That’s where we’ll start. Just show up as you are, and we’ll go from there. There is NOTHING more fun than living the incredible changes and results that a coaching relationship can catalyze in your life.

What now? Where to start?

This one is easy! I offer a complimentary coaching session so that you may take my service for a test drive, risk-free. If you’re even slightly intrigued about what having your own coach can do for you, I invite you to contact me to meet, chat and set it up your free discovery session. My promise to you: I’m fun, kind, easy to talk to and you just might take away a radical insight!

My invitation to you:
Call me right now at 250.352.2996! If you prefer to reach out in writing, send me an email at Kim@LifeSolutionsCoaching.com and I'll be in touch soon. I look forward to meeting you!

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