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What clients are saying…


From working with Kim, I now have real clarity about my strengths and leverage them for my benefit and that of my business. I have made a huge shift from being a procrastinator to being a “doer”! I am motivated and energized by results rather than held back by fear. What I used to see as an obstacle, I now see as a new project.
My whole life has changed: I have quit smoking, lost 30 lbs., am more active and have more energy to draw from. I have handled things that have always been on my list. I have brought coaching skills to my employees and delegate with purpose and intention. The culture I have intentionally created in my business is one of high standards, creativity, beauty and fun.
Kim is a never ending source of caring, insight, knowledge and optimism. Who knows what would have happened had I not hooked up with her when I started my business…I am living proof that everybody should have a coach!

-- S. Morrow
Dynamic owner of The Works Hair and Body Studio, beauty visionary and esteemed boss



My partnership with Kim has so contributed to my accomplishments and success over the last year. Coaching has opened me up to so many new possibilities I was not aware of… I realized I could make money from doing what I enjoyed and did not have to compromise what’s important to me. In the safety of our sessions, my true self can come forward without fear of judgment or criticism and I can speak freely. My greatest accomplishment, thus far, is the clarity of my mind, which began developing as I organized the huge piles of papers in my office!
The effects coaching has had on me has been noticed by others, too…I became aware of what I need, found the courage to stand up for myself and show the world who I really am!
How would I describe Kim’s service? Life changing, inspiring, joyous, realistic, professional and FUN!

--T. Mikalsky
Energetic President of Multinational Import Export Corporation and big-hearted entrepreneur



Through Kim’s coaching, I have been able to clearly separate my business from my home life. I love having a place to talk through business issues and gain ongoing clarity about what I want and plan how I’m going to get it, thus becoming more focused and productive.
As a self-employed solo professional, it’s a big key for me to have a partner for idea brainstorming, clarification, feedback and practice building strategies. This is distinct from the required supervision and ongoing educational accreditation I am involved in under the guidelines of my profession.
Kim’s strengths include her enthusiasm, willingness to take risks and constant reminding of what is working for me and my accomplishments. She has a wonderful ability to recognize and name where I’m at… and then help me focus on the direction that excites and inspires me!

--G. Thomas
Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, B.Ed, BA
Inspired independent professional, workshop pioneer and gifted healer



Kim, thank you for helping me get where I needed to go…You were there gently guiding me and helping me find my own answers. I now have boundaries around my time and set realistic goals. I have redone my company logo and redesigned my marketing kit into a beautiful package that I am really proud of. My business is how I imagined it years ago but didn’t have the skills to get it there. This is a big accomplishment for me!
--R. Schneberger
Owner Nature’s Tracks Eco-Adventures, guide and yoga teacher extraordinaire



Coaching with Kim has provided me with an external sounding board and an opportunity to focus on me, my life and my issues. I have improved my listening and communication skills which have resulted in a better relationship with my partner and everyone else! I now understand how to improve my situation through positive action and communication with those around me and I have the tools to do so. My experience working with Kim has bee positive and insightful and has enabled me to move past patterns and habits that prevented me from realizing my full potential. She is an exciting, enthusiastic coach who listens well and motivates me to achieve what I consider to be important.
--D. Verhulst
Passionate history and nature guide, environmental steward and really good guy!



I experience you, Kim, as the most tremendously supportive and positive person I’ve ever encountered! I felt that you had a wonderful, positive attitude about everything and that it was grounded in truth and not in hope. I felt that you really and truly saw my strengths in ways I could not see them and you made sure that you articulated that to me. This optimism and positive feedback however, did not hamper your ability to see the truth about me or any aspect of my VA practice and you were able to support me in concrete (i.e. number crunching) ways as well. Your positive spirit and outlook are grounded in a strong business sense and entrepreneurial understanding. That combination is powerful and incredibly valuable. I would not have received the same value from a coach who was strong in one area but not the other.
Your coaching taught me to believe I could have what I really wanted, not what I thought I had to settle for.

--A. Amor
Dedicated independent professional, cutting-edge virtual assistant and gifted writer


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